A downloadable game

CST 321 Project 

By Micah Iwata, Chris Moran, Guillaume Bolis, David Gin

Concept Art by Alex Wooddy

Key binds-

Light Character: 

Revealing light - "F" key

Dark Character:

Symbol drawing - Hold Mouse 1 and draw with the cursor. 

If you get too far away from each other the game will end and you'll have to restart.

Music by https://soundcloud.com/jesse-white-952049199/tracks


Counterpart_Singleplayer.zip 78 MB
Counterpart.zip 74 MB

Install instructions

Run the executable and click play & host, then go to your desktop and run the command prompt to find your ipv4. Type ipconfig into command prompt and find the first IPv4 address. On a second client, input the ipv4 and hit join game. Click ready on  both programs to start the game. The host will play as the Light character and the client will play the Dark character.

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