A downloadable game for Windows and macOS



Answer KT's call for help to help them save the forest. Clean up trash, put out fires, and help regrow the trees in this bonus level of NEWT!

Known Issues:

Cannot collect water from water sources & water resource indicator does not update.  

Water blaster has infinite ammo. 

Burnt trees disappear instead of growing when you shoot it with plant blaster. 

Switching blasters is incorrectly mapped to right arrow key instead of “F”

NEWT Model didn't get rigged in time, so we're using the orange robot from "Love, Death & Robots."


The Blazing Forest.zip 178 MB
The Blazing Forest MacOS.app.zip 187 MB


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A lot was accomplished here- I will keep an eye out for the full NEWT game! Introduces an interesting world with lots of strange characters, and explores interesting game mechanics. Thanks for being part of Otter Jam 2021!